Veterans Upward Bound Testimonials

Billings VUB Student, Spring 2015

Veterans Upward Bound has been a very rewarding and helpful program for me. The instruction was extremely helpful in returning and refining my skills in math and writing, which had been stagnant since leaving school a while ago. VUB was a great experience and made me want to go to college and be successful.

2014 Trio Award, Larry Whittaker

After 20 years in the U.S. Navy, Larry arrived in Montana after completing his final tour in England. Most veterans would take some time off. Not Larry, he was about to realize his life-long goal of going to college and earning a college degree. Selected by the VUB faculty as the outstanding student for the Spring 2013 cohort he continues to exemplifies not only strong academic ability, leadership and discipline but a sincere love of learning. Enrolling at Rocky Mountain College in August 2013 as a business major he has obtained a 4.0 GPA. Words alone cannot describe his personal character and achievement.

Billings VUB Student, Fall 2014

My experience with VUB has been nothing but wonderful since the day I arrived. I showed up at the director's door looking for a computer course and he gave me an opportunity of a lifetime. All the teachers and counselors here had patience and the support to help me thrive in this environment. I was petrified when I got here and now I am comfortable to continue my education. I will be grateful to the staff of VUB for the rest of my life.

Billings VUB Algebra Instructor

I've been teaching Algebra for the Veterans Upward Bound program since January of 2001. It has been an exciting and awesome experience to be a part of the educational journey of our veterans. We form strong bonds in the small classes, tutoring sessions, and the laughs that we share!

Billings VUB Student, Fall 2014

I learned about Veterans Upward Bound when I was out processing from the Army. VUB helped me refresh my understanding of doing homework. It also comforted me in the process of going back to school.

Billings VUB Student, Spring 2014

I really enjoyed all of my experience here in the VUB program. I was uncertain about my plan for the future. Now that I have been through the program, I have the tools I need to get help with making my plans for the future. The program was very instrumental in my decision to go back to school. Without these college prep classes, I no doubt would have struggled in areas that I now have confidence. I am grateful for my experience in the program. Not only with the classes, but the people involved with the VUB program. The staff is very dedicated to helping veterans with their transition into college. I am grateful to have met other veterans as well, and to learn from their experiences.

Billings VUB Student, Fall 2013

The Veterans Upward Bound is a program in my opinion is a necessity. The amount of knowledge one can gain from this experience is great. It has already been proven by students and faculty that the fail rate of a veteran coming out of this program is significantly less than say one who didn't feel the need. Before joining the program I feared the thought of going back to school and not being able to catch on, but now I have the confidence I need to succeed in college after my VUB experience.

Billings VUB Student, Fall 2013

I was not sure what I wanted to do when I got out of the military, so I decided I wanted to go back to school. I contacted Veterans Upward Bound. VUB helped me out with the foundations of school and also with getting in touch with the people at Montana State University Billings.

Billings VUB Student, Fall 2013

VUB gave me an educational foundation to stand on and a direction on a career path in the outdoor adventure industry where I can apply everything I learned in the military. VUB gave me the confidence to know that I would be successful at college, without them I would not be in school.

Billings VUB Student, Spring 2013

The time I have spent at VUB was encouraging and full of support by staff and faculty. I felt that I have learned a lot of knowledge in my classes and more about myself. I would recommend VUB to other veterans coming out of the military to get back into school. I enjoyed my time at VUB and look forward to furthering my education.

Billings VUB Student, Fall 2007

After returning from Iragi, I decided I needed to go to college for my next step in life. Veterans Upward Bound helped make that transition possible.

Billings VUB Student, Fall 2006

Veterans Upward Bound helped tremendously with my academic preparation for college. They continue to support me as I work towards my Masters degree.

If you're not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you're determined to learn, no one can stop you.


Veterans Upward Bound has provided instruction, support services and career counseling to veterans transitioning from soldier to civilian life since 1992.

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