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VUB offers short term classes – on college campuses across Montana – to provide an authentic "college experience" to help ease the transition for veterans into an academic environment. These classes provide an academic review and assist in the development of skills necessary for success in any learning environment.

VUB provides a variety of statewide services to support veterans as they explore educational and training opportunities. We have expanded the assistance available for program participants by increasing access to individualized counseling and advising services for career exploration, college admissions, and veterans' benefits. These services are provided by email, mail, and phone as well as in person at our Billings site.

College Transition Support

Get help in navigating college admissions, financial aid, registration and more. Dust off those practical skills – note taking, test taking, time management – and get ready for class. Find out more about the statewide support provided by veterans' service providers in your community.

Computer Skills

Brush up your computer skills and refine your understanding of the useful tools in Word and Excel. Improve the skills needed to produce more polished documents for college or work.

Financial Literacy

Gain the tools you need for better money management and wiser financial decisions. Create a personal budget and develop long and short term goals for a more secure financial future.

Preparing to e-file your Taxes

Filing your taxes online can be quick and easy. Use our checklist to gather the documents and information you will need to e-file and attend the workshop to have your "how to" questions answered. The VUB computer lab is staffed and open for you to file your taxes using software that is available free online.

Foreign Language

Learn the basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation you need to communication simply but effectively in Spanish. If Spanish is in your collegiate future, use this class to get a head start on the material presented in an introductory college class.


If the thought of a math class has you breaking out in a cold sweat, this is your opportunity to face your math fears. Review basic math skills to fill in any learning gaps, remember things you used to know and strengthen your analytical skills. Move into algebra with confidence. VUB instructors are very good at addressing areas of math weakness.


Get a brief overview of biology, physics and chemistry and become familiar with the basic concepts and principles of each branch. Build a foundation of vocabulary, appropriate study skills and learning strategies to prepare for a college level science class.


Begin with a concise grammar review to eliminate common punctuation errors and prepare for writing more formally and with a purpose. Learn the writing process from pre-writing to evaluating content, organization, topic development, transition, clarity, and word and sentence choice to produce thoughtful and polished essays.

VUB provides a variety of online services to support veterans statewide. With our live-online classes we have expanded the assistance available and increased opportunities for program participants to identify and address areas of academic weakness, to test their readiness for online learning, to explore career and educational options, and to have help available when needed.

VUB maintains a limited number of computers for loan. Students who do not possess a computer to complete VUB online classes may request a loaner computer.

VUB provides online self-paced tutorials for veterans who want to work on their own schedules.

ComFit provides online tutorials for students to refresh math, reading and writing. Program focus is primarily on three core subjects that contribute to academic success: language fluency/writing, reading comprehension and math. Lessons can be assigned based on student needs for general review, Compass preparation and more. Feedback on progress is immediate; access to the lessons is assigned in 8 week sessions.

College Admissions

Receive assistance with understanding and applying for financial aid, applying for college admission, meeting admission requirements, registering for classes, and making sense of degree requirements. Find answers to your college admission questions here. Includes appropriate referral to campus resources.

VA Education Benefits

Get help understanding and accessing your VA education benefits. Includes guidance in using the webpage for details on individual benefits, amounts, months remaining, posting questions, and using your benefit. One-on-one assistance is available to complete the online application and print the documents needed for the college certifying official.

TABE Assessment

This online assessment measures a veteran's general level of math, writing and spelling to help identify academic strengths and weaknesses. The TABE test produces a score based on a grade equivalency of 1 through 13. The TABE takes 60-90 minutes to complete.

Accuplacer Assessment

The Accuplacer assessment evaluate a veteran's math and writing ability to determine his or her level of college math or writing. Most students entering or transferring to a Montana college must complete the Accuplacer Assessment, or similar test (Aleks, eWrite), which place them in an appropriate level of college math and writing courses. The Accuplacer takes about 45-60 minutes to complete.

Career Scope: Career Exploration

The Career Scope questionnaire compares an individual's occupational interests to those of individuals in 111 specific careers that reflect a broad range of technical and professional positions in today's workforce. The results are used to develop career and study plans. Career Scope takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

I really enjoyed all of my experience here in the VUB program. I was uncertain about my plan for the future. Now that I have been through the program, I have the tools I need to get help with making my plans for the future. The program was very instrumental in my decision to go back to school. Without these college prep classes, I no doubt would have struggled in areas that I now have confidence. I am grateful for my experience in the program. Not only with the classes, but the people involved with the VUB program. The staff is very dedicated to helping veterans with their transition into college. I am grateful to have met other veterans as well, and to learn from their experiences.
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Veterans Upward Bound is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by Montana State University Northern.