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Veterans Upward Bound Live-Online

Veterans Upward Bound has provided online classes and other services to veterans since 2009. VUB’s live-online component offers a variety of services including 2-week Academic Bridge refresher classes in math and writing, 6-week refresher classes in math, writing, science, computer skills, college success strategies, foreign language, and financial literacy.

Online instruction is available throughout the year. The 2-week Academic Bridge refresher classes are offered winter and summer sessions, and the 4-week refresher classes are offered fall, winter, spring, and summer sessions.

In addition to our academic refresher classes, Veterans Upward Bound also offers the following services:

  • College placement practice assistance
  • Career exploration
  • Tutoring
  • Assistance with applying for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Assistance with applying for VA Education Benefits
  • Workshops
  • Cultural events

Regardless of your schedule, we share a commitment of providing excellent services to veterans. This means being reliable and responsive to requests for assistance.

Please review the calendar below. If you have any questions about current classes, upcoming classes or have general questions, please reach out to us. Veterans Upward Bound is available to assist you and supporting you in your goals.

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