Online Self-Paced Classes with Instructor Support

VUB provides online self-paced tutorials for veterans who want to work on their own schedules.


ComFit provides online tutorials for students to refresh math, reading and writing. Program focus is primarily on three core subjects that contribute to academic success: language fluency/writing, reading comprehension and math. Lessons can be assigned based on student needs for general review, Compass preparation and more. Feedback on progress is immediate.

All online tutorials have tech support and faculty attached to monitor progress and tutor as needed.

First: Students will need to complete a VUB Application by pointing to APPLY NOW button at the top navigation bar above and choosing the Application.

Next: Students will need to complete the VUB Services Registration Form by pointing to Student Forms button at the top navigation bar above and choosing VUB Services Registration.

Great start after years out of school. Would recommend it to any veteran just getting started again.
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