Online Self-Paced Classes with Instructor Support

VUB understands that veterans are busy people with their own interests and stories. Veterans have responsibilities such as jobs and family commitments. These responsibilities may prevent you from participating in our in-person or live-online classes. As a result, VUB provides online self-paced tutorials for veterans who want or need to work at their own schedule.

What is EdReady?

EdReady is designed to prepare students for upcoming math or English classes, supplement their skills while taking a math or English class, revisit possible gaps in general math skills, become better prepared for college math or English and place into desired classes, practice math skills needed for a desired career path study and review math concepts for college placement.

How does EdReady Work?

The learner begins by taking an assessment in math or English. Then, depending on the learning goal established, the system identifies the skills already mastered and the skills that still need development. From that, a personalized learning path is created. The student follows the path, working through customized content modules until mastery is established.

First Step
Students will need to complete a VUB Application by pointing to the Register button at the top navigation bar above and choosing the Application.

Next Step
Students should review the EdReady Student Tutorial, click HERE to view.

Tutoring Information
Students Who require additional support while working in EdReady should contact Michelle Watson for a tutor: (406) 272-6492, Email:

Technology Support Information
VUB Technology Support phone number: (406) 272-5218, Email:

Great start after years out of school. Would recommend it to any veteran just getting started again.
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