In Person Classes

VUB offers short term classes – on college campuses across Montana – to provide an authentic "college experience" to help ease the transition for veterans into an academic environment. These classes provide an academic review and assist in the development of skills necessary for success in any learning environment.

Computer Skills

Brush up your computer skills and refine your understanding of the useful tools in Word and Excel. Improve the skills needed to produce more polished documents for college or work.

Financial Literacy

Gain the tools you need for better money management and wiser financial decisions. Create a personal budget and develop long and short term goals for a more secure financial future.

Foreign Language

Learn the basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation you need to communication simply but effectively in Spanish. If Spanish is in your collegiate future, use this class to get a head start on the material presented in an introductory college class.


If the thought of a math class has you breaking out in a cold sweat, this is your opportunity to face your math fears. Review basic math skills to fill in any learning gaps, remember things you used to know and strengthen your analytical skills. Move into algebra with confidence. VUB instructors are very good at addressing areas of math weakness.


Get a brief overview of biology, physics and chemistry and become familiar with the basic concepts and principles of each branch. Build a foundation of vocabulary, appropriate study skills and learning strategies to prepare for a college level science class.


Begin with a concise grammar review to eliminate common punctuation errors and prepare for writing more formally and with a purpose. Learn the writing process from pre-writing to evaluating content, organization, topic development, transition, clarity, and word and sentence choice to produce thoughtful and polished essays.

First Step
Students will need to complete a VUB Application by pointing to the Register button at the top navigation bar above and choosing the Application.

I really enjoyed all of my experience here in the VUB program. I was uncertain about my plan for the future. Now that I have been through the program, I have the tools I need to get help with making my plans for the future. The program was very instrumental in my decision to go back to school. Without these college prep classes, I no doubt would have struggled in areas that I now have confidence. I am grateful for my experience in the program. Not only with the classes, but the people involved with the VUB program. The staff is very dedicated to helping veterans with their transition into college. I am grateful to have met other veterans as well, and to learn from their experiences.
Student Testimonial

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